Invoicing and Business Software

We created the PocketSME Software because we had many requirements for running our business that we could not find in other software

PocketSME was designed to be accessible on your smart phone, where you can do invoices and quotes on your phone while talking with your clients. And then have them receive it immediately via SMS and email. We needed software to create 400+ quotes and invoices per month without spending many hours doing it per day.

Access to your business data anywhere empowers you!

Save Time & Get Paid Faster

  • Spend less time doing quote and invoices
  • Track which quotes and invoices have been opened
  • Get Paid faster with online credit card payments
  • Many more time saving features
  • Quick invoicing from your smart phone
  • Open Waze or Google maps directly from your contacts and get there faster
  • Send Quotes and Invoices via Email and SMS


See an actual quote that your clients receive

The best way to see if you want to sign up for PocketSME is to open an actual invoice created by PocketSME. When you open it, you will see what you clients will see. We recommend that you open this link both on your smart phone and your desktop pc.

Click here to view a real Quote

The ability to customize Quote and Invoice Layouts and add custom fields and GPS Map functionality was important in running our services business.

Track and Manage

Each Invoice, Quote or Estimate is tracked by the system. All items are color-coded so when you search for items you know the status of the item immediately.

When your client opens your document your will see that they have viewed it.

Being able to track when our clients opened our documents helped us to drive follow up actions and improve our conversions and together with credit card payment increased our profit and revenue.

Be in your clients Pocket

  • Email and SMS Messages
  • SMS messages have a 98% open rate
  • Increase your conversion rates by using Email and SMS
  • Most people have smartphones, be in their pocket
  • Receive credit card payments directly from your Invoice and Quote

Cloud-based software to power your business

  • PocketSME runs on the cloud and is accessible from any internet connection
  • Access PocketSME software on the web from your PC or smart device
  • Responsive Invoices and Quotes that look great on your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • Register for a 30 day free Trial

Save Time Creating Invoices and Quotes

  • Sales Templates
  • Product Catalog
  • Freeform Items
  • Show me

Track and manage client interactions

  • Track Invoice and Quote Views
  • Know when clients have Accepted or Declined your quotes
  • Use color-coding to follow up and take appropriate action
  • Tell me more

Send Invoices and Quotes using Email and SMS / Text messages

  • Be in your clients’ pocket with SMS invoice and quote links
  • Invoices and Quotes look great on mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Show me

More features to empower you

  • Earn more money and increase conversions by adding marketing videos, images and text to your quotes and invoices
  • Add your own fields to Contacts
  • Fast and Easy to search and find your contacts
  • Open contact address with GPS coordinates using Google Maps, Waze or Apple Maps on mobile devices
  • Schedule Emails and SMSes to be sent at a date and time of your choice