The Benefits of Client-Interactive Invoices

Client-interactive InvoicesFirstly, what are client-interactive invoices? Once we are using responsive invoices, the next step in harnessing their power is to add additional information to the invoice. Remember that, with a responsive format, the invoice opens on a web page. This can be customized as any normal web page. Customized, not only in terms of format, but also in terms of content. The page can start with the invoice and then, below this (or even within the invoice) one can add relevant information – images, text, links to articles or videos etc. These provide “post-purchase” benefit to the client. You can create a “conversation” with the client through the links and details.

Client-interactive Invoices and Additional Information

Your invoice “page” is the ideal place to add in any instructions or information on the services you have rendered or the products that the client has bought. For example, as a doctor, you may want to include some links to information (articles, videos etc.) about the condition that the patient is dealing with or a summary of the advice that you have given the patient. The client’s invoice becomes their resource too. If you are a lawyer and providing legal services, provide links to documents or videos relevant to the client’s case e.g. process details or country laws or a “what’s next” section.

Client-interactive Invoices and Advertising

A responsive invoice is also a place to advertise additional services / products that the client may find relevant – possibly based on their requirements thus far. Make these more attractive with discounts and preferential treatment for previous clients. A pre-school could include details on their after-care services or the extramural programmes that they are involved with. An insurance company could showcase their list of offerings. It is there, “in the invoice”. No extra documents or emails need to be opened and read. You are there, in their pocket.

User Tracking

Actions that the user takes on a website page can be tracked. You can monitor what other elements of your invoice “resource” are clicked on and viewed or downloaded. This information is powerful. Was the client interested in some of your other services or products that you advertised? What next steps can you take to market those to your client?

The Bottom Line

So, we can see that responsive invoices take invoicing beyond just a means of making payment. They allow for additional connection with your client. Cementing the relationship that has been established, and taking it forward to the next level.