Why you should be capturing and using EVERY business lead

business leadsWhen we have started businesses, we have found that you are initially doing so much – being a “jack-of-all trades” – that it is only the people who commit to your services or buy your products that appear on your radar screen. However, this should not be the case and should change as soon as possible. You need to capture contact details of every business lead. With PocketSME software it is easy to implement.  

Customer versus Business Lead

What one needs to do is separate business leads from customers. This separation means less confusion over who you are serving or have served and who is a contact (or lead). The process is that EVERY person that contacts your business (be it via email, phone, Face Book or any other means) is captured as a lead. All inquiries are logged. Whether you can assist them or not. For example, perhaps you are in the wedding industry doing catering, you may get an inquiry about flowers, but that is not a service you offer. Capture the lead. This applies to all industries. If the inquiry turns into formal quoting or actual work or sales, the contact becomes a customer, or potential customer. So, why have all of this extra data? Well, company data is the basis of business intelligence and, in this case, the data can be used to have a direct positive impact on revenue.  

What lead details do you collect?

The minimum amount of information that you want to capture for any business lead is their name, phone number and/or email and their requirements. PocketSME Invoice also has a field for you to capture the lead source – another very useful piece of information. Remember that in some form or other you have paid money for this lead – perhaps from direct advertising, SEO, Facebook promotion etc.  

Using the data you gather

The information that you record can help you with:
  • Analyzing the success of your marketing channels
  • Determining marketing channel and customer fit.
  • Marketing
  • Identifying new business opportunities
  • Identifying collaborative opportunities
  • Increase your marketing pool
  • Converting leads
Having a lead capturing system is an effective way of keeping and finding direction; increasing revenue and market reach.