Reasons for Using Client-Interactive Quotes

Client-interactive quotesClient-interactive quotes can be created using responsive quote design. With a responsive quote design, the quote is essentially a web page. The client clicks on a link in an email and is taken to a web page with the quote. As a web page, we can add more information to the view than just the contents of the quote. And, the client can interact with this information i.e. click on links, watch videos, download files etc.

Client-interactive Quotes and Sales

Your quote “page” can also serve as a summary of your sales pitch. Your client will know about your service or products before you send a quote – perhaps from a call, or advertising or your website etc. Client-interactive quotes provide a second layer of marketing where the client can see the costs and benefits alongside one another. Display videos showing how things work, add in testimonials, give more details on the specifications, highlight the main benefits etc. For example, if your quote is quite technical, you may want to link to explanations or images of the items. You could link to a video showing how to use the product. Or, perhaps have a list of top 10 benefits of your service or products.

Client-interactive Quotes and Advertising

With caution, one can also use the space to include some advertising of other complimentary products or services. It is also an opportunity for upsells i.e. enticing clients to purchase upgrades, more expensive items, add-ons in order to increase sales value. We say “with caution” as you do not want to overwhelm the prospective client by giving them too many options and focus on items that are not directly related to the transaction at hand. As an example, a photographer could advertising having the client’s photographs printed on canvas. Healthcare professionals could include details on medicines or vitamins for their client’s problems. You are sending some flowers – would you like to include some chocolates with that?


Anytime a viewer clicks on something on a web page, this can recorded. As such, you can monitor a client’s actions on your quote page. What information are they interested in? Are people investigating the up-sell options? Client behaviour can tell you a great deal and direct you with respect to what sells the product and what up-sells are popular and should be pushed more actively. You can use the results to improve the content of your quotes. In summary, Responsive quotes provide you with an additional chance to market the products you are selling (and possibly up-sells). Connect with your client again before they make their decision.